Month: June 2017

Put Your WordPress Site Under Construction with Web Factory’s Plugin

If you do a quick search for “under construction” on the directory you’re going to find Web Factory ltd’s insanely popular, and smartly named, Under Construction Page plugin right at the top of the list.

Under Construction Page is one of those rare plugins you find that advertises itself as simple and without fuss and then truly delivers on the promise. Once you install the plugin you are presented with a simple to use interface that let’s you built a custom under construction front end for your WordPress site without writing a single line of code.

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Create, Send and Manage Email Newsletters Inside WordPress with Mailster

Mailster, from developer EverPress, gives customers a tool for writing and sending email newsletters while at the same time maintaining their subscriber lists all within their own WordPress installation.

For a small one-time fee people who buy this plugin get a fully featured addition to their normal WordPress interface that rivals what you will find in most big name newsletter providers.

Mailster features a drag and drop editor for composing email campaigns and automation tools to handle sending emails as auto responders, follow ups and more. It also offers the typical analytics you have come to expect from any newsletter service including open and click rates. As I mentioned above, all subscribers are integrated directly into the WordPress user system so you can manage and segment them into lists without difficulty.

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Our List of WordPress Sites for Marketing Outreach is Live

One of the hardest parts about WordPress product development is getting the word out about your creation. This is especially difficult if you haven’t built up a network of contacts to help spread the word about what you’ve made.

Cold email and outreach, while time consuming and frequently frustrating, is a good place to start your marketing efforts.

We’ve put together this list of WordPress sites with contact information, Twitter statistics, details about each site’s policies on guest posts and prices for sponsored content and banner ads. The list is frequently updated so check back regularly for more sites and new information.

Check out our list of WordPress sites to get started with your marketing efforts.

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Smart Notifications with Holler Box from Scott Bolinger

The tagline on the Holler Box website reads: “Not a WordPress popup plugin.”

As someone who has an intense dislike for the typical newsletter popup prompts that litter blogs and product sites these days I was incredibly relieved to see the subtle approach Holler Box’s creator, Scott Bolinger, took in his new plugin’s presentation.

I immediately downloaded the free version of Holler Box to try it out for myself and I wasn’t disappointed.

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