Month: November 2017

Gather Data from Your WordPress Plugin’s Users with Wisdom


As a WordPress plugin developer, user data tracking and analysis has always been of interest to me. Of course, there’s a lot of legwork involved with setting something like that up and when time is an issue features like this fall to the wayside.

If you are interested in improving your understanding of your user and customer base then checking out Wisdom, a WordPress plugin offering user analytics, would be a good place to start.

Gareth Harris, the man behind Wisdom, took some time to answer my questions about his plugin. He talks about the technical challenges of creating Wisdom, the importance of content marketing for his business and offers his thoughts on plugin pricing and the WordPress marketplace as a whole.

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Convert Posts to Facebook Instant Articles with WP Native Articles

WP Native Articles

WP Native Articles converts your WordPress posts into properly formatted Facebook Instant Articles. I’ll have to admit that before I conducted this interview I had no idea what Facebook Instant Articles even were so I’ll let Edward Dakin, the developer of WP Native Articles, explain them to you here in a moment.

Edward was nice enough to answer a few of my questions over email about how he got started working on WP Native Articles, the biggest challenges he’s faced during its development so far and how he’s adjusted the free version over time to try and convince users to upgrade to his premium release.

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