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Subscribe to Our Podlater Feed of WordPress Podcasts


Podlater is a new project of mine that lets you build your own personal podcast feed. I like to think of it as “Pocket for Podcasts.” Using a simple bookmarklet you can easily add an episode of a podcast you stumble upon while browsing the web and then listen to it later in your favorite podcast player.

One of the neater parts of Podlater is that you can use it to build and share curated lists of podcast episodes around a given topic. So I’ve naturally started working on a Podlater feed for WordPress developers.

I’ve started the feed with a few podcasts I’ve listened to recently that I really enjoyed. I’ll be adding more as I find them and they’ll automatically show up in your podcasts app as I do.

Here’s the address for The Plugin Economy’s Podlater feed:

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Our List of WordPress Sites for Marketing Outreach is Live

One of the hardest parts about WordPress product development is getting the word out about your creation. This is especially difficult if you haven’t built up a network of contacts to help spread the word about what you’ve made.

Cold email and outreach, while time consuming and frequently frustrating, is a good place to start your marketing efforts.

We’ve put together this list of WordPress sites with contact information, Twitter statistics, details about each site’s policies on guest posts and prices for sponsored content and banner ads. The list is frequently updated so check back regularly for more sites and new information.

Check out our list of WordPress sites to get started with your marketing efforts.

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Welcome to The Plugin Economy

My name is Brian J. Link and I’ve been a software developer for well over a decade with clients in a wide range of industries. In recent years I would do a sort of year end review where I would go over the projects I worked on and just write down my thoughts on what happened. A common pattern at the end of these write ups would always be a strong recommendation to my future self that I needed to diversify my income away from clients into something more recurring like a software product.

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