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The Plugin Economy


Wisdom provides WordPress plugin developers with tracking and analysis data from their users. Gareth Harris tells us about the plugin's development.
WP Native Articles

WP Native Articles

WP Native Articles turns your WordPress posts into Facebook Instant Articles quickly with API syncing and analytics. Developer Edward Dakin tells us more.
Easily Create Buttons in WordPress with MaxButtons


MaxButtons gives WordPress users an easy way to create and customize button interface elements on their site. Bob Senoff talks about the plugin with us.
Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs gives you a simple way to present frequently asked questions for your customers. Chris Mooney talks about the plugin's development.
Manage Advertisements on WordPress Sites with Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is the leading advertisement management plugin available on the WordPress platform. Thomas Maier answers our questions about its development.
Google Analytics in WordPress with Analytify


Analytify offers beautiful reporting for Google Analytics inside of WordPress. Muhammad Adnan goes in-depth about the plugin's development.


SearchWP takes the existing site search provided by WordPress and vastly improves it. Jonathan Christopher chats with us about his plugin.