How are Active Installs Calculated for WordPress Plugins?

Active Installs for WP Word Count as of June 2017

My word count plugin, WP Word Count, just recently broke passed the 4,000 active installs mark on the plugin directory.

I had been watching this number for months as a simple means to compare my plugin’s performance against similar ones that are out there. Doing a simple search for “word count” shows that WP Word Count is the most installed free word counting plugin in the wild right now.

Then I realized I didn’t really know how this number was calculated.

How does WordPress figure out how many websites are actively using my plugin?

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Welcome to The Plugin Economy

My name is Brian J. Link and I’ve been a software developer for well over a decade with clients in a wide range of industries. In recent years I would do a sort of year end review where I would go over the projects I worked on and just write down my thoughts on what happened. A common pattern at the end of these write ups would always be a strong recommendation to my future self that I needed to diversify my income away from clients into something more recurring like a software product.

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