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The Plugin Economy
Meta Box

Meta Box

Meta Box is a lightweight and feature-rich plugin for building custom WordPress meta boxes and fields. Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh answers our questions.
Allow Safe SVG Uploads with WP SVG


WP SVG offers safe uploads and additional usability features for SVG files inside of WordPress. Daryll Doyle answers questions about the plugin for us.
Find Stock Photos Inside of WordPress with PixelRockstar


Quickly add stock photos to your WordPress posts and pages with the PixelRockstar plugin. Vita Valka talks about the plugin's development with us.
Generate Code for Advanced Custom Fields with ACF Theme Code

ACF Theme Code

ACF Theme Code gives users of the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin a way to automatically generate code snippets. Creator Aaron Rutley tells us more.
Create and Sell Video Courses with WordPress and Lunchbox


WordPress users can create and sell their very own video courses using Lunchbox. Developer Dave Kiss talks with us about building and pricing his plugin.
Deploy WordPress Plugins and Themes with WP Pusher from Peter Suhm

WP Pusher

WP Pusher gives WordPress developers a simple way to update products using GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. Peter Suhm answers questions about the plugin.
Publish and Host Your Podcast with Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting gives WordPress users an easy way to publish and host their podcasts. Craig Hewitt answers questions about the plugin.


Jackmail is an incredibly full featured WordPress plugin for building and sending email newsletters. Yannick Chizzolini answers questions about the plugin.