The Weekly Roundup for August 25th, 2017

The Weekly Roundup for August 25th, 2017

Yet another week has gone by on the Internet. As always, if you have written your own post or know of one I should feature please submit the details through the contact form.


The Advanced Guide to Selling WordPress Plugins and Themes with Easy Digital Downloads

Scott Bolinger has once again written a really useful piece on selling WordPress plugins. This time he’s focused on getting your sales up and running using Easy Digital Downloads. Scott’s piece will walk you through the basics of setup, software licensing and updates, recurring payments and a bunch of tweaks and settings to round out your EDD install.

In the interest of constantly promoting my own content, I have also written an article this year about useful extensions for Easy Digital Download. I’ve used a handful of ecommerce solutions for a variety of projects but EDD has been the easiest to setup and use out of all of them. The right combination of extensions makes it all that much better.

Gutenberg and the future of Meta Box

The creator of the Meta Box plugin, Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh, wrote an interesting piece on his site about Gutenberg and how it will impact his plugin and business. Gutenberg is a hot topic in the WordPress community right now, with people falling all over the map in their opinions, and it’s nice to see what one developer’s take on pros and cons are.

I recently interviewed Anh Tran about Meta Box here at The Plugin Economy so check that post out as well.

Simple Calendar Acquired by SureSwift Capital

Phil Derksen wrote an announcement on his personal blog that his plugin, Simple Calendar, has been sold. Phil goes into some detail about why the decision to see Simple Calendar was made and how he went about finding the right buyer.

Next week I’ll have an interview with a developer who made a nice living out of building WordPress plugins from scratch and then finding buyers to take over the development and sale of the plugin from him.

Expired Domain Leads to WordPress Plugin Redirects

Here’s a friendly reminder that everything online is bad. Someone took over control of a domain name that at one time was hosting a WordPress plugin called Enmask Captcha. Eventually time caught up with the developer and the plugin was abandoned. The new owner of the domain setup the server to redirect JavaScript calls to the domain to go to a malicious file and this impacted sites that still had the plugin installed.

Miscellaneous Links

WP Readme

Finally, to round out the week, is this useful little utility from @justnorris that will validate and preview your readme.txt files before you submit them to

Research on usabality of the WordPress Admin Area

Monique Dubbelman is looking for help from WordPress developers. She has a short questionnaire about the WordPress Admin she’s asking everyone to fill out if they have the time.

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