Let’s Talk About WooCommerce Plugins with Barn2 Media’s Katie Keith

Barn2 Media

If you follow the WordPress community you probably saw Katie Keith’s article on WordPress Tavern about how her company, Barn2 Media, has transitioned into a plugin selling business.

I continue to be obsessed with people who are building plugins that leverage products from a third-party and thankfully Katie was willing to answer some questions I had about Barn2 Media’s business and products. Her answers to my questions offer a lot of insight into what that life is like.

We talk about the difficulties working with WooCommerce, the danger of your product possibly becoming a standard feature, their marketing and support efforts and even what the WordPress Tavern post did to their sales.

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Subscribe to Our Podlater Feed of WordPress Podcasts


Podlater is a new project of mine that lets you build your own personal podcast feed. I like to think of it as “Pocket for Podcasts.” Using a simple bookmarklet you can easily add an episode of a podcast you stumble upon while browsing the web and then listen to it later in your favorite podcast player.

One of the neater parts of Podlater is that you can use it to build and share curated lists of podcast episodes around a given topic. So I’ve naturally started working on a Podlater feed for WordPress developers.

I’ve started the feed with a few podcasts I’ve listened to recently that I really enjoyed. I’ll be adding more as I find them and they’ll automatically show up in your podcasts app as I do.

Here’s the address for The Plugin Economy’s Podlater feed:


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Setup Sales Quickly with Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce

Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce

I personally find the WooCommerce product interface to be brutal for new and experienced WordPress users. I recently had a client who wanted to run scheduled sales on a variety of their products and it was an arduous task to manually adjust every item in their large store.

We found Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce and saved my client a lot of time. With this plugin we were able to set up sales for a variety of products and categories from one simple interface without having to edit every one of their items one at a time.

I reached out to Berend de Jong, the creator of Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce, after my experience to see if he would answer some of my questions about the plugin’s development. We discuss the difficulties working with WooCommerce out of the box, building plugins with simple features instead of “jack of all trade” products and my favorite topic: pricing.

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Build and Sell Online Courses Inside WordPress with Edivently


Paid online training is a hot area for generating income these days. Edivently is a new plugin that turns any WordPress installation into a simple learning management system for building and selling online courses.

Edivently uses the power of WordPress to give content creators the path of least resistance to producing and selling their work online. The plugin generates a marketplace and accepts payments right out of the box while providing tools for tracking and managing students, sending email notifications, testing students with quizzes and much more.

Martin Shiderov, the creator of Edivently, was nice enough to answer my questions about starting his plugin (including picking the unique name), the challenges of building such a complete learning management system and his thoughts on using Envato to handle his sales.

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Gather Data from Your WordPress Plugin’s Users with Wisdom


As a WordPress plugin developer, user data tracking and analysis has always been of interest to me. Of course, there’s a lot of legwork involved with setting something like that up and when time is an issue features like this fall to the wayside.

If you are interested in improving your understanding of your user and customer base then checking out Wisdom, a WordPress plugin offering user analytics, would be a good place to start.

Gareth Harris, the man behind Wisdom, took some time to answer my questions about his plugin. He talks about the technical challenges of creating Wisdom, the importance of content marketing for his business and offers his thoughts on plugin pricing and the WordPress marketplace as a whole.

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